Wrightsboro Elementary


Today we learn. Tomorrow we lead.


Supply Lists

2- Twistable crayons (8 count-primary colors)
1- Box zip lock bags (gallon,quart or sandwich) 
10- Glue sticks
1 - Set of headphones
1 - White t-shirt (boys large or adult small)

1-Book Bag (should be large enough to hold a standard folder)

Baby Wipes
Disinfecting Wipes
Small paper/foam cups
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First Grade 

1- Pencil box (medium) 
2- Dozen #2 pencils 
1- Package of pencil top erasers
8- Fine-tip Expo markers (black) 
4- Thick Expo Markers (black)
2- hardcover plastic folders with prongs and pockets 
2- Spiral notebooks (blue and red)
2- black & white composition notebooks 
1- Pack of wide ruled notebook paper
10- Glue sticks
4- Boxes of crayons (24 count) 
2- Box of tissues 
2- Pair of headphones (with a straight jack, not L-shaped)
1- pairs of kid scissors

1- Container of Clorox Wipes

1- Package of Ziploc bags (any size)
1- bottle hand sanitizer/soap (pump) 

Second Grade 

4- Dozen #2 plain pencils
8- Glue sticks 
2- boxes of JUMBO crayons (8 count) basic colors 
4- Folders with prongs (red, blue, green, yellow)
4 - Spiral bound, 1 subject notebooks (red, blue, green, yellow) NO Decorative/Character Notebooks
3- Boxes of tissues
1- Pack of large pink erasers
1- Pair of children's scissors
1- Four pack of thick Expo dry erase markers
1- Pair of earbuds (dollar store is fine)
3- Boxes of tissue
1- Container of Clorox wipes 

1- Bottle of hand sanitizer
1- Box Ziploc bags (pint)
1- Box (gallon) size Ziploc bags 
1- pack of post-it-notes 

Third Grade

-backpack (without wheels)
-2 boxes of wooden number 2 pencils (24-pack)
-3 folders with pockets (does not need prongs)
-3 composition notebooks
-1 box crayons
-1 box of colored pencils (12-count)
-2 pack of highlighters
-1 pair of scissors
-1 box of tissues
-1 pencil box/pouch



1- Bottle of hand sanitizer or soap (pump)
1- pack of sticky notes 
1- Pack Expo dry erase markers
1- Container of disinfecting wipes
1- package of Ziplock bags (gallon or quart) 

Fourth Grade

1 of each of the following:
- blue pronged folder (ELA)
- red pronged folder (Math)
- purple pronged folder (S.S.)
- green pronged folder (Science)
- yellow pronged folder (Vocabulary)
2- Composition notebooks 
3- packs of #2 pencils
3 - Packs of pencil top erasers 
3 - glue sticks
2- packs of colored pencils 
1 - Pack of BLACK dry erase markers
1- pair of earbuds/headphones
1- pair of scissors 



1- Container of Lysol/Clorox sanitizing wipes 
1- hand sanitizer
1- box of tissue

Fifth Grade  
5-composition notebooks
(no spiral notebooks please)
6-2 pocket folders with prongs 
(1 each in red, green, yellow, orange, blue & purple)
2 dozen pencils (no mechanical pencils)
1 pair of scissors 
1-2 pack glue sticks 
1 box of 12 or 24 pack of colored pencils
(no markers or crayons please)
1 pencil pouch with 3 holes for binder 
2 packs of notebook paper
1- pack of Expo markers 



tissues, hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, 
1 pack of highlighters